Di Sempai Liam Flanagan

2nd Degree Black Belt  –  Head Instructor

I have been training in Kempo since November 1997 after being introduced to it by a friend. I started training with Kempo Bushido Ryu at the Nundah dojo under Sifu John Taynton and Shihan John Hamilton. I continued training with Sifu Taynton and Shihan Hamilton with Kempo Australia, receiving my 1st degree Black belt in August 2001. I received my Instructors qualification with Kempo Australia in November 2002.

When Sifu Taynton decided to start Shaolin Kempo in 2002, I made the decision to continue training under his direction. The American Kempo Self Defence techniques of Master Ed Parker are extremely effective and are perfectly suited for modern self defence situations, and the combination of traditional Shaolin techniques with the advanced American Kempo syllabus makes an extremely potent mix.

I received my 2nd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructors ranking in 2006 from Sifu Taynton and a grading panel of Senior Black Belts.

I was the Resident Instructor of the Shaolin Kempo Nundah dojo from 2006 until 2011.

I have a strong interest in the Self Defence and Weapons training aspect of the Art, however I find that Kempo is extremely comprehensive and as such has something to offer everyone. The self discipline and focus required to learn and perfect techniques can be easily applied by students in many different aspects of their lives. Keep a broad mind, there is always more to learn.