IMG_4710Sempai Greg Carr

1st Degree Black Belt  –  Qualified Instructor

After trialling various styles with a fair understanding of what  I was seeking from a martial arts system, I commenced my training back in 1994 with Kempo Bushido Ryu under Shihan John Hamilton.  Over the period of the next 5 years I had trained and instructed with both John and Brendan, and attained my 1st degree black belt. A change in direction had me leave the school to pursue study and a career.

Training intermittently over the next few years both externally and at Shaolin Kempo, 2012 had me return to Shaolin Kempo with Sifu Taynton and Sensei Gray  to what I believe to be a more progressive system and style, incorporating incredible dynamics, efficiency and a completely new philosophy on mobility and body mechanics. Instead of training in deep and immobile stances, the style focuses on utilizing mobility and rhythm to create a depth of focus when striking, in direct relation to the immediate situation. Open class discussions on theories and integrated practicality, recoil, action-reaction, quaterbeats, contouring, and an overall focus on over-skilling regarding multiple attacker self-defences, in my opinion, leads to a more effective style of self-defence with strong situational adaptability.

I believe our strength as a system lies strongly within the ability to learn and progress knowledge and technique together. What works and what doesn’t work. Turn it on, dial it in…..or turn it off!