Sensei Brendan Gray

4th Degree Black Belt  –  Chief Instructor

I started my martial arts training in 1991 studying Judo.

My Kempo career started on March 20th 1993 at the age of twenty. I trained under the tutelage of Shihan John Hamilton in Brisbane and reached black belt in 1997 while traning at a kempo seminar in New Zealand. This was bestowed upon me by Kancho Robert Gemmell, 10th degree.

I left in 1999 as a 2nd degree in Kempo, a 3rd black tab in Tai Chi Chuan, & founding member of Kempo Australia.

I started back at Shaolin Kempo in 2003 under Sensei John Taynton, a 4th degree, after studying Aikido. I was graded to 3rd degree in 2008 by a senior panel of black belts from a number of schools reaching the title of Sensei twelve months later. My 4th degree grading was conducted in brisbane and completed in 2012 by Kyoshi Paul Bryant, an 8th degree black belt.

I believe that Kempo is a way of life and that hard and soft, external & internal work efficiently in the most realistic original martial art on earth. We do not conform to traditionalism, but merely adapt, maneuver, and think outside the box. The world is constantly changing. Our thought patterns are always changing. Our development is always improving. So we need to train smarter and improve technique that flows and creates superior body mechanics.

Everyone has something to teach anyone. Train hard my friends and keep smiling for the best is yet to come.