1st Tab Brown Belt Pledge

I pledge that as my skill as a teacher progresses I will never condemn, ridicule, embarrass, or shame any student or fellow instructor in the presence of a class or group. All grievances or disputes shall be conducted in a private away from group observation

Parker Ed, (1987), Infinite Insights into Kenpo Vol 5, Delsby Publications Los Angeles


1st Tab Brown Belt Syllabus



  • Reverse Cat



  • Double Inward Parry (right/left)
  • Inward to Outward
  • Outward to Inward



  • Thrusting Phoenix Eye
  • Snapping Dragons Head


Foot Manoeuvres

  • Figure 8 Sweeps
  • Broken Rhythm



  • Inward Horizontal Finger Slice p/down
  • Inward Horizontal Finger Slice p/up

Forms & Sets

  • Tonfa Form
  • Passing Guard Set 1
  • Passing Guard Set 2
  • 1st Little Dragon


Self defence

  • Twist of Fate
  • Gathering Clouds
  • Crossed Twigs
  • Brushing the Storm
  • Swinging Pendulum
  • Cross of Death
  • Circling Destruction
  • Squeezing the Peach
  • Twirling Wings
  • Snapping Twig
  • Destructive Twins
  • Crushing Hammer
  • Clipping the Storm
  • Glancing Wing
  • Circling the Horizon
  • Tripping Arrow